Ted Cruz Fires Communications Director After Inaccurate Marco Rubio Video

Ted Cruz’s campaign is in some hot water today after the GOP presidential hopeful asked his communications director to resign. Rick Tyler, the communications director, distributed a video that was allegedly doctored and depicted Marco Rubio dismissing the Bible over the weekend.

This isn’t the first time Cruz’s campaign has been hit with accusations of questionable campaign tactics. Donald Trump has been the loudest calling him an outright quote “liar” while Ben Carson and Marco Rubio have also been previously frustrated with Cruz’s campaign.

Rick Tyler apologized to Marco Rubio late this weekend via a Facebook post. Reports are that Rubio has accepted the apology but he elaborated that the Cruz campaign has had a pattern of these kinds of issues and that people should start questioning the accountability of Ted Cruz and his campaign staff.

In other Ted Cruz news, his eligibility for Presidency is being questioned in New York in form of a lawsuit. Two voters want to take their concerns to court citing the “natural born citizen” clause in the constitution. Cruz contends that he is natural born because is mother was an American, although he was born in Canada.

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