Bernie Sanders Behind In South Carolina Polls, Donald Trump Still Holds Lead In Nevada

Hillary Clinton took Nevada on Saturday beating Bernie Sanders with fifty two percent to his forty seven percent. Clinton received 19 delegates while Sanders left with 15. A big victory for the Clinton Campaign as they win another uncomfortably close contest. Looking ahead, South Carolina’s Democratic primary is next with the most recent NBC Wall street journal poll showing a wide gap with Clinton up by 28 points over Sanders. Things look a little better for Sanders on Super Tuesday, a poll in Massachusetts has the two tied at 46. Michigan has Clinton up by 13 points and North Carolina has Clinton on top by 10 points. Will Clinton continue to win close contests or will we see some comebacks from the Sanders camp?

The Republicans duked it out in South Carolina Saturday with Donald Trump winning with 32 percent of the vote, taking home all fifty delegates. Marco Rubio inched by Ted Cruz, taking second with 22.5 percent, Cruz received 22.3 percent. Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Ben Carson all ended with around 7 percent of the vote. Bush took this fourth place finish as a sign and suspended his campaign shortly after. The Nevada Caucus is tomorrow for the Republicans, the most recent poll having Trump on top by 16 points, followed by Cruz, with Rubio following 4 points below and Kasich with 9. With Bush’s exit and the recent news of Mitt Romney endorsing Marco Rubio could very well change the landscape tomorrow.

Looking to Super Tuesday for the GOP, Trump sits on top in Michigan but John Kasich sits in second place. A Massachusetts poll has trump up by a staggering 34 points, Rubio second and Kasich third. Finally the North Carolina poll is a bit tighter with Trump only up by 9 points, Cruz coming in second and Rubio third.

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