Donald Trump Leads Polls Heading Into South Carolina, Bernie Sanders Closes The Gap

South Carolina will be casting their primary votes for the Republican end of the Presidential race tomorrow, giving us our first glimpse of the current political landscape of the South. The latest Emerson poll looks very tight after Trump’s thirty six percent, Marco Rubio follows with nineteen and Ted Cruz right under with eighteen. Jeb Bush and John Kasich both sit at ten percent. 

An NBC Wall Street Journal poll shows the narrowest lead yet for Trump with just five points over Cruz along with Rubio and Bush within two points of each other for third.

Polls for the Nevada Caucus are not plentiful but two recent and close ones could tell different stories. A Gravis poll has Hillary Clinton up by six points with fifty three percent while the CNN poll cuts that lead down to one point over Bernie Sanders. A win for Clinton would ease fears of the surging Sanders campaign while a win for Sanders could really do some damage.

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