President Obama To Visit Cuba In March

President Obama announced today via twitter that he and the First Lady will be visiting Cuba in March. The last time an American president visited the country was Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

The Obama Administration began normalizing relations with Cuba in late 2014 after decades of friction and an American embassy is once again in Havana. Both nations have also signed an agreement to resume flights between the two countries but some travel restrictions remain for US citizens until congress lifts a longstanding embargo. 

White House officials have previously said that in order for the President to travel there Cuba would need to demonstrate human rights reforms. According to reports, the visit could be to witness the signing of a peace accord between Colombia and the FARC rebel group.

Of course there is always opposing views. GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, who is Cuban American, disagrees with the announcement and says he wouldn’t visit unless it were a quote “free Cuba.” Ted Cruz, who also shares Cuban heritage, scorned the trip and still regards the country as an enemy.

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