Donald Trump Threatens Ted Cruz With Lawsuit, Steals Jeb Bush Domain Name

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz aren’t just battling in the polls as their feud continues to grow, now Trump is threatening a lawsuit.

With South Carolina looming Cruz has unleashed ads attacking Trump, questioning his conservative label, his position on abortion and gun rights, and also highlighting past Democratic candidates and policies that Trump has supported.

Trump has accused Cruz of being a liar and using suspicious methods in his campaign. Like in Iowa for instance, The Cruz campaign had supporters communicate a false report of Ben Carson dropping out which likely garnered him more votes. On top of that Trump is now threatening to sue Cruz on grounds that he cannot run for president since he was born in Canada. Cruz defends this notion with the fact that his mother was a US citizen. The constitution states a candidate must be a quote “natural born Citizen” but leaves that definition up to interpretation offering no other specifics.

The Republican front runner is also taking shots at candidates further down in the polls, like Jeb Bush. Visit jebbush.comand you will see that it forwards to Trump’s campaign website. It seems someone forgot to renew a domain name and Trump or someone in the Trump camp took advantage. Fun fact: also sends you to Trump’s site.

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