Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Over 260 As It Approaches Florida

Hurricane Matthew is dangerous and meteorologists say -- harder to read than other storms. And, now it's strengthened back to a Category 4 storm -- barreling towards Florida Thursday. Florida Gov. Rick Scott warned residents, "this storm will kill you." President Obama declared a state of emergency for Florida.

The National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida says residents should expect widespread extensive to devastating winds -- debris will breach structures, unprotected windows, and vehicles. Hurricane Matthew is predicted to skirt part of the east coast as it moves northward, riding the coast all the way up to North Carolina. says this is the projected timing of the storm.

  • Southeast Florida: Thursday evening through early Friday
  • East-central, northeastern Florida: Friday through Friday night
  • Georgia coast: Friday evening through Saturday morning
  • South Carolina: Saturday through Saturday night
  • North Carolina (mainly south): Saturday afternoon through early Sunday

Emergency officials urged some 2 million people to evacuate. Earlier this week, Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, causing more than 100 deaths.

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