Tom Brady Is Back in the Game; Federal Judge Overturns Four-Game Suspension

LBN’s Emily Collins reports that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got good news in federal court today. Brady will be starting in the Patriots’ home opening game now that a federal judge has overturned his four-game suspension because of the Deflategate controversy.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman vacated the suspension on three grounds. Judge Berman held that the NFL failed to give Brady proper notice that he could be suspended, that it did not provide him with an opportunity to question one of the investigators for the league, and that the NFL denied Brady equal access to its investigative files.

Judge Berman also dismissed the NFL’s suggestion that the suspension in this case was comparable to the suspensions imposed for violation of its steroid ban. The NFL will appeal the judge’s decision, but in the short term, the decision is a win for Brady and the Patriots.

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