Texas Teen Ahmed Mohamed Arrested for Bringing Clock to School

LBN’s Emily Collins reports that a teenaged boy from Texas has become a social media sensation since his arrest today. The hashtag #IStandWithAhmed is being retweeted by the minute, and the case has caught the attention of people everywhere. Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was detained today after he brought a homemade digital clock to class. School and law enforcement officials decided that the clock resembled a bomb.

The school officials called the police. The police questioned the boy, didn’t like the answers he gave, handcuffed him. He has been suspended from school. Not surprisingly, the charge of Muslim profiling was almost immediate and has been widespread. Because of the privacy laws under which the school operates, the status of Ahmed’s suspension is unclear.

Ahmed is interested in science and engineering. He makes his own radios, and he showed the homemade digital clock to teachers in his engineering class. He was taken to a detention center for questioning after the clock's ticking allegedly alarmed teachers. Irving, Texas Police Chief Larry Boyd said the clock looked "suspicious in nature," but there was no evidence the boy intended to cause harm at his high school. Boyd further noted that he would have had the same response to the clock no matter a person's faith.

Ahmed appeared at a news conference with his lawyer, family members, and a representative of the Muslim community. "It's really sad," Ahmed said, "that she took the wrong impression of it." He added that he is suspended from school until Thursday and that the incident has made him reconsider whether he wants to go back to school there at all.

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