Olsen Twins Fashion Company Sued in Class Action by Unpaid Interns

The lawsuit claims that the interns were not paid for performing work similar to that performed by co-workers who received pay. Since there were no college credits or vocational credits involved, the interns should have been receiving minimum wage.

Lead plaintiff Shahista Lalani says she worked 50-hour weeks for the fashion company in 2012 without receiving back pay. She says that she required hospitalization for the demands of the job.

Collins says that interns in the for-profit sector who qualify as employees rather than trainees must usually be paid minimum wage and overtime under New York law and the Fair Labor Standards Act. The U.S. Department of Labor has set six standards that must be met in order for an internship to be unpaid. New York’s labor law follows the federal guidelines.

The Olsen Twins and their company are not the first to run afoul of the law relating to unpaid interns. Lawsuits have also been filed by interns working for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” PBS’s “The Charlie Rose Show,” and Fox Searchlight Pictures, as previously reported on LBN.

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