Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Exploiting Race to Get Out the Vote

LBN’s Bob Donley opines that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is not attempting to ease racial tensions in the country so much as to exploit them to boost the turnout of African-American voters in November, 2016. He explains his view of the Clinton campaign in this report.

In an earlier LBN report, Donley remarked that Democrats were using racial tensions to boost their campaigns. Not everyone agreed with him, he notes. But recently, Hillary Clinton traveled to Missouri to discuss the topic of race just four miles from where Michael Brown was shot by a police officer. And she has continued to speak about race. As the New York Times said, "Mrs. Clinton has become the presidential candidate at the forefront of [the racial] discussion."

Donley relates that he grew up in the South, in New Orleans. He says that he led and participated in several civil rights demonstrations. He adds, “I even ran away from my home as a teenager when my parents told me a black friend could not come into our house because of the color of his skin.” It was, he says, a time when Americans were working to achieve inclusion. “I do not get that same feeling today.”

Donley feels that, in today’s world, there is increasing pressure to separate people of different ethnicity, not unite us. And heightened racial tension is not a good thing. Donley asks Clinton to “start acting like a real leader.”

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