New York Law License for DREAM Candidate Delayed by Probation in Iowa

LBN’s Emily Collins reports that a man seeking to become the first undocumented alien admitted to practice law in New York will have to wait awhile before he can be licensed. Cesar Vargas, 31, hopes to be admitted to practice in the bar of New York State. However, there is a snag.


Vargas is presently on probation for a misdemeanor offense arising out of a visit by New Jersey Governor Christie to the state of Iowa at the Iowa Freedom Summit, an event organized by a congressman who opposed President Obama’s immigration policies. Vargas is an outspoken immigration activist, and he spoke out during Christie’s appearance. He was later charged with and convicted of trespassing.

Vargas is not eligible for admission to the bar in New York while he is still on probation. He has applied for early release from probation, but Iowa Judge Kevin Parker ruled otherwise. “It would be rare for this court to discharge anybody sooner,” Judge Parker said during the hearing. While the county prosecutor said that early releases from probation are rarely granted, Vargas’s attorney said that early releases are routinely granted in other cases.

Vargas received his law degree from the City University of New York’s school of law. He has been allowed to remain in this country under President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Indications are that Vargas will become a New York lawyer when his probation ends.

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