Middle Class Voters Are Wary of Politicians as the Presidential Race Heats Up

LBN’s Bob Donley notes that, during every election season, the middle class is every candidate’s favorite group. Everyone will fight for the middle class. It sounds, says Donley as though the middle class is “the king of the mountain.”

But most members of the middle class “feel like they keep getting tossed off that hill.” Most Americans believe that most candidates will never cut their taxes, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll. Most of that group believes that most candidates “won’t really understand them as being the middle class.” Of likely voters, 52% say that economic growth is best way to help the middle class. They favor programs that will make the economy grow. Only 39% of this group favors “economic fairness,” which is bad news for liberal Democrats, Donley opines.

A poll also shows that 71% of Americans believe that the middle class pays a larger share of their income in taxes than wealthy people do. Only 20% think that wealth Americans are paying a larger share—“bad news for both parties,” Donley suggests. As to the federal budget, a majority of Americans favor less government spending; 16% favor more spending, and 21% think spending is about right.

Another important statistic: 85% of middle class Republicans believe that there taxes will increase, as do 68% of independent voters. And about a third of voters believe that Obamacare has actually hurt the middle class. Only 12% of voters believe they will see cuts in federal spending, says Donley. The middle class, he suggests, is rightly skeptical of campaign promises to help middle class voters.

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