Arizona Governor Ducey’s Budget Plan Working As Promised

LBN’s Bob Donley reports that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has already begun to see positive results from his budget initiative. When Ducey, a Republican, took office in January, he promised to cut the state’s budget. Democrats were skeptical.

But Ducey has gotten results. He planned to raise funding for departments that were “needy” without raising taxes. His first step was to balance the budget and to impose an immediate hiring freeze. To make it palatable to both Republicans and Democrats, Ducey imposed a freeze that did not affect law enforcement or child safety programs. Issues of public safety were not affected.

Ducey’s premise was that a hiring freeze would cut bureaucracy and save money. So far, it appears that the governor was right. The number of state employees has dropped 1.3 percent so far. The savings so far come to $2.2 million. He said that his plan would save the state $2.5 million by the end of June, and he seems to be on track to achieve that goal. Ducey says that the savings will increase over time, amounting to $18 million over the next fiscal year, starting in July.

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