Media Story Coverage With A Slant: A Commentary on Liberal Bias in the News Media

LBN’s Bob Donley opines that the news media are changing the way they cover the news. He cites some examples:

During the past year, there were many news stories about white police officers killing black men. But there was no mention of race in the story about three men who gunned down two police officers in Mississippi. The alleged assailants were all African-Americans.

Earlier this year, Freddie Gray, a black man, died in police custody. There was much anger, Donley says, against white privilege. As it turned out, the officer who got the most serious charges is an African-American. As are Baltimore’s police leaders, the mayor, the city council, a congressman, the U.S. attorney, a senator (and, of course, President Obama).

The news media have extensively covered Bruce Jenner’s gender transformation. In fact, ESPN is about to award Jenner its Courage Award. Donley notes that Jenner hasn’t been involved in sports in forty years but was chosen over a current athlete who lost limbs fighting for his country.

Donley also notes that, in the coverage of the presidential candidates we see all the time, the news media have a particular way of covering Republican candidates, noting that Governor Rick Perry is running “again.” The same tag is applied to Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. As if to say, “Here’s an old, tired story.”

“I say this,” Donley adds, “because there is no such word being bandied about in regard to Hillary Clinton.” Clinton, of course, is running “again.” Journalism, Donley says, has always had some advocacy that blended into the story line.

It’s time, Donley suggests, for journalists to write news rather than advancing an agenda.

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