Arizona's 'Abortion Reversal' Law Has Been Put On Hold; Bob Donley Explains

LBN’s Bob Donley reports that Arizona’s recently-enacted SB 1318 has been put on hold until federal courts have a chance to rule on the matter. The new law, signed by Governor Ducey, was scheduled to take effect July 3.

The new law contains a provision relating to medical abortions, a term used to describe abortions that result from medications taken by a pregnant woman to induce an abortion.

Donley says that the Arizona law is the first of its kind. It would require doctors to tell women considering medical abortions that such abortions can be reversed if timely action is taken. About half of all abortions in Arizona are medical abortions.

Donley explains that the medical method involves taking one or two pills early in the course of a pregnancy. The idea of the law is to provide information to women who have changed their minds about having an abortion. “Proponents of the law say there is a proven 60% success rate” in reversing the effect of the medications. Opponents say that this just isn’t so, that there is no such evidence.

Three Arizona doctors and Planned Parenthood have sued the state to stop the law.

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