High Healthcare Costs Continue to Cause Problems for Americans, Even With Obamacare

LBN’s Bob Donley reports that the time is nearing when the U.S. Supreme Court will decide King v. Burwell and settle a question about subsidies to health care insurance purchasers. (LBN discussed the problem in an earlier report.) The question is whether people who go to the federal government’s website to enroll for the insurance can receive subsidies. In Arizona, about 150,000 people are in that position.

Donley reports that, according to polling results, a growing number of those enrolled say they are receiving poor medical care. And 31 million people are underinsured because of high healthcare costs. This means that they have chosen to enroll in less expensive plans to save some money, but such plans typically carry high deductibles for their insureds. Forty percent have a $1,000 deductible, and ten percent of the group opted for a $3,000 deductible. That means that a person insured under such a plan must pay $3,000 out-of-pocket costs before the insurance kicks in.

The high costs are probably why more than half of those enrolled in healthcare plans are facing debt collection proceedings, which will lower their credit scores. This may explain why about 25% of new enrollees are choosing to skip medical care altogether. Others report that high costs are forcing them to forego taking prescription medicines for ailments like diabetes or high blood pressure. All of which may point to very large medical costs coming in the future.

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