Phoenix Prop 104 - New Advocacy Group Is Formed to Support the Transportation Tax Proposal

There are more developments in the ongoing fight in Phoenix, Arizona, about spending billions of dollars on the development of a new transportation system. Voters will be voting in August whether to approve a tax that would spend $33 billion on an expanded light rail system and other transportation improvements. [LBN first reported on this proposal in April.]

In recent days, an advocacy group, Move PHX, was formed to promote passage of the tax measure. The group says it has the support of real estate developers and construction companies. Sixth District Councilman Sal DiCiccio, an outspoken critic of the tax, says that the companies supporting the proposal are precisely the companies who will benefit from its passage.

If the proposition is approved, it would increase city sales tax by 0.7% over the next thirty years. The projection is that the tax would raise $18 billion in revenue. It would be matched by federal grant funds of $15 billion. DiCiccio believes that the money would be better spent on schools. The fate of proposition 104 will be decided on August 25, 2015.

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