LBN News Update: PGA Caddies File $50 Million Lawsuit Against PGA Tour

A group of more than 80 caddies who work for some of the highest profile golfers in the world have filed a class action antitrust federal lawsuit against the PGA Tour for $50 million. The basis for the complaint is that the PGA Tour forces the caddies to wear endorsement bibs with corporate logos over their shirts during tournaments. The PGA keeps all the money generated by the corporate endorsements involved, and the caddies are thus denied the opportunity to earn sponsorship payments themselves by striking their own endorsement deals.

The lawsuit also alleges that the Tour recently surveyed PGA players to ask if they would be willing to fire their caddies if the caddies refused to wear the bibs. Caddies Mike Hicks and Kenny Harms are named as the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The group is seeking class action status for the more than 1,000 caddies who work on the Tour and have no retirement or health benefits provided by their employers.

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