Oscar Pistorius Found Guilty of Murder

LBN’s Ryan Gaumont reports that 29-year-old South African Olympic star Oscar Pistorius has been convicted of murder after South Africa’s Supreme Court overturned a lower court’s conviction on the lesser charge of manslaughter. LBN has previously reported on the Pistorius case, most recently when he was sentenced just over a year ago. Pistorius now faces a prison sentence of around 15 years. His exact sentence will be decided in High Court in Pretoria.

Pistorius, a double amputee who was known as the Blade Runner, was convicted of shooting through a closed bathroom door and killing his girlfriend. Pistorius has consistently maintained that 2013 shooting was an accident and occurred because he thought someone was breaking into his home. In announcing the court’s opinion, Judge Eric Leach said that it was common sense that Pistorius must have understood that shooting the gun could have lethal consequences when he fired it. During the trial, prosecutors picked at the defense case and argued that the death was intentional homicide.

Pistorius has served a year in prison. He is currently under house arrest and will remain so until the new sentence is imposed.

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