Donald Trump's Lead In The Polls Increases Going Into Last Republican Debate

The Republican presidential candidates held their fifth debate last night in Las Vegas. LBN’s Ryan Gaumont reports that Donald Trump had a big lead on the rest of the field going into the debate. A CBS-New York Times poll released on December 10 showed that Trump was supported by 35% of Republican primary voters. This is an increase of 13 points since October.

Ted Cruz has moved into second place in the field with support from 16% of Republican primary voters. Carson has dropped into third place in the poll. Marco Rubio is in fourth place with 9% of the votes. Jeb Bush got only 3% of the votes in the poll, the least support Bush has ever gotten in a CBS-NYT poll.

The Tuesday night debate came after the massacre in San Bernardino and comments, particularly by Trump, about Muslims. A CBS-NYT poll also released on December 10 showed that Americans were concerned about possible future terrorism in the country. It is too early for poll results from last night’s debate, but there is no reason to believe that Trump lost any ground.

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