Bill Cosby Sues 7 Rape Accusers

The seven women in the Massachusetts litigation are among the more than fifty women who have come forward to accuse the 78-year-old Cosby of sexual assault or misconduct. There is also litigation pending against Cosby in other jurisdictions. None of the litigation involves criminal charges, as statutes of limitations have foreclosed the old cases. The current litigation is a series of defamation lawsuits filed against Cosby for his denial of the accusations. See LBN’s report on the first lawsuit against Cosby.

Cosby’s lawyers point to NBC’s refusal in 2014 to go forward with a proposed series starring Cosby as proof that his reputation has been damaged by the accusations. Cosby’s public standing has been sliding ever since the accusations first surfaced. Recently, for example, Boston University has revoked an honorary degree conferred on Cosby last year. The school’s statement said in part that Cosby’s “treatment of women has brought significant and lasting discredit upon himself and is inconsistent with the University’s mission and values.”

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