Gerry Spence, trial lawyer and author of "Police State"; Is America on the brink?

This week on Speaking of Justice, host Mark Wahlstrom is joined by famed trial lawyer Gerry Spence to discuss his recent book, "Police State." This is a look at how for decades, in cities all across America, rogue police have gotten away with murder. According to Spence, the distance that has been created between law enforcement and society is a growing threat best illustrated by an increasingly militarized police who increasingly appear to pose a risk to the civil liberties of ordinary citizens.

Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence has spent over 50 years defending the rights of citizens, big and small, in cases such as the Karen Silkwood murder, Imelda Marcos prosecution by the US Justice Department, Randy Weaver's FBI stand-off at Ruby Ridge, and Jeffery Fieger's prosecution. In this podcast, he draws a parallel between what the climate is in America today vs. a time in the 1930's in Germany, with a warning regarding the tendency of people to surrender their rights during a time of fear in return for the illusion of safety. 

A prolific author, the founder of the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, WY, a passionate advocate for training lawyers in effective courtroom tactics and techniques, his perspective in this book comes out clearly in this interview and conversation. You can learn more about Gerry Spence by going to his law firm website, and you may also purchase the book, "Police State" on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Speaking of Justice is a weekly audio podcast and long form conversation hosted by Mark Wahlstrom, founder of The Legal Broadcast Network. Each week, Mark invites in leading attorneys, as well as lesser known lawyers, who are working on cases deserving of wider attention and discussion. The objective each week is to frame and debate issues of importance regarding the US legal system. 


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