Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Announces $1 a Pill Competitor to $750 a Pill Turing Version

LBN’s Emily Collins reports that the anti-parasitic drug Daraprim is back in the news. Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of San Diego has announced that it will sell Daraprim pills for $1 per pill. Daraprim is a drug used to treat toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that affects AIDS patients, those with cancer, and pregnant women. The only other source of the drug has been Turing Pharmaceuticals, whose CEO, Martin Shkreli, recently made news by raising the price of the drug to $750 per pill a 5,000% price increase.

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals has focused on its proprietary ophthalmology and urology drug formulations. Imprimis has announced plans to start making inexpensive versions of other generic drugs whose prices has skyrocketed. Like Turing, Imprimis is a young company. The furor caused by Turing’s price increase on Daraprim has shone a spotlight on drug prices. The New York attorney general’s office announced that it is looking into Turing’s actions to determine whether the company violated antitrust laws by its actions. Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, among others, have spoken out against high drug prices and price gouging by drug companies.

Martin Shkreli, the lightning rod in the latest round of anger about drug prices, earlier announced that he would reduce Turing’s price for Daraprim, but the price drop has yet to occur. LBN reported on Shkreli’s announcement on September 24.

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