Wrestlers File Concussion Lawsuit Against WWE: An Interview With Konstantine Kyros

Two former professional wrestlers, Vito LoGrasso, 50, and Evan Singleton, 22, have filed a potential class-action lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia. The lawsuit resembles thousands of suits pending against the NFL in the same courthouse. The NFL litigation could yield a $1 billion settlement if a judge approves a proposed deal. The wrestling lawsuit accuses the WWE of ignoring concussions and having WWE wrestlers do dangerous stunts that caused serious brain injuries. Plaintiffs’ lawyer Konstantine Kyros explains the lawsuit in this report.

Konstantine Kyros

Konstantine Kyros

Kyros explains that the litigation came about in large part because of the NFL concussion litigation. Kyros realized that that wrestlers might be suffering from the same kinds of permanent injuries that have plagued so many professional football players. As a result, he did some investigation and outreach. One of the wrestlers he came in contact with was Billy Jack Haynes, a star of the original Wrestlemania. The result of that meeting was a lawsuit filed for Haynes in October 2014 in Oregon federal court.

The Haynes case led to the present case for LoGrasso and Singleton. Kyros says there are some clear similarities between the injuries sustained by wrestlers and those sustained by NFL players. The wrestlers have more of the repetitive head trauma than NFL players, wrestling perhaps five times per week. They have many more concussions. And, Kyros points out, the effects of the injuries get worse as people age.

Kyros says that the WWE has a concussion policy and has had various concussion policies since about 2008. However, based on the research and study Kyros has performed in preparing for and the evidence gathered for the litigation, “those policies . . .  have been completely and totally inadequate.” When these wrestlers were injured, they were just cleared to continue to wrestle.

Kyros says that the lawsuit will seek compensatory damages but will also seek medical monitoring for these men, who don’t have many other options.

Konstantine William Kyros is the managing partner of Kyros Law Group LLC. He is a pioneer in online legal services, having conducted an Internet and technology law practice since 1997. In the past 11 years, he has partnered with some of the most prominent law firms in the country, handling pharmaceutical, patent, tax, aviation, insurance, medical device, real estate, finance, SEC actions, securities, criminal defense, and asbestos litigation matters. These programs have been enormously successful for his clients, having generated millions of dollars in settlements for them and their families. The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of the Sequence Media Group.

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