Lawsuit: Doctor didn't tell patient he had cancer

Lyndsay Markley

Lyndsay Markley

A Chicago woman is contending in court that a doctor neglected to share test results showing her father had cancer, which later killed him.

According to her lawsuit, urologist Dr. Alan Sadah, told Edward Hines he was cancer-free after removing a tumor on his bladder in early 2011. A week later, a pathology report told a different story; Hines had bladder cancer. According to the lawsuit Sadah didn't inform Hines.

In this interview Chicago attorney Lyndsay Markley tells LBN's Scott Drake the elements of this case which appears to be one of the first of it's kind.

As part of the lawsuit, another physician reviewed the treatment Hines received.  The physician says Hines should have been warned about bladder cancer's high recurrence rate and the need for extensive follow-up therapy. 

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