Supreme Court decision, BP Must Pay Claims During Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court denied an application from British Petroleum for a stay of the Fifth Circuit’s mandate that BP must pay business economic loss claims during the pendency of the appeal. [This appeal was the subject of a previous LBN report.]

Rick Kuykendall

Rick Kuykendall

Commentator Rick Kuykendall opined that today’s ruling will help to boost the public’s confidence in the integrity of the process. The most significant aspect of the ruling was that Justice Scalia referred the decision on BP’s motion to stay to the full Court rather than ruling on it by himself. The Court’s action will let claims proceed.

Today’s action was not related to certiorari. Kuykendall suggested that BP will probably proceed with an attempt to overturn the ruling of the Fifth Circuit. But in the meantime, all the affected parties along the Gulf of Mexico can pursue payment of their claims for business economic losses. Payments have actually started. The subject of today’s ruling by the Court was BP’s effort to stop the process. The situation is complicated somewhat by a change in the methodology for the evaluation of the claims. Still, the process is continuing.

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