Arizona Mother Leaves Kids in Hot Car

A court commissioner decided that Phoenix mother Shanesha Taylor can have supervised visits with her sons who were left alone in a hot car when she went in for a job interview in Scottsdale. She said she had been unable to find a babysitter. Phoenix lawyer Benjamin Taylor represents the mother.

Benjamin Taylor

Benjamin Taylor

Taylor says that his client is currently facing two child abuse charges. If she were convicted, she would have two Class 3 felonies on her record. Taylor hopes to “work well” with the prosecution so that both sides can have a satisfactory result. Taylor declined to discuss his strategy or defenses to be offered if the case goes to trial. However, he feels that the case offers some strong points for the defense. Ms. Taylor was homeless and looking for a job. So avoiding a felony conviction is especially desirable, as a felony criminal record would make it even more difficult for her to find employment.

Taylor acknowledges that Arizona residents may not be sympathetic to someone who has left children in a car, knowing how hot it can get. However, he says that everyone understands mistakes in judgment. The children were checked by doctors that day and pronounced well. She is a good mother and is trying to support her children. And Ms. Taylor’s situation has won her some sympathy among the public following the case.

The next step, says Taylor, is to try to get the children back. The motion for supervised visitation was successful. Taylor anticipates further efforts working with the prosecutor to try to obtain a good result for his client.

Benjamin Taylor earned his Juris Doctor from the top tier ranked University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in Tucson, Arizona. During law school, he worked for the Pima County Attorney’s Office. After law school, Mr. Taylor practiced with the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office, representing a diverse group of clients. Mr. Taylor is a Statewide Officer for The State Bar of Arizona Criminal Justice Section Executive Council, and was selected for the State Bar Leadership Institute. The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of the Sequence Media Group.

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