BP to Pursue Certiorari; Claims Continue

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined a request from BP to block business payments while the oil giant appeals its 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster settlement. The decision upholds the ruling by the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans that, under terms of the settlement, businesses claiming damages from the undersea eruption need not prove direct harm. This ruling was the subject of an earlier LBN report. BP is now asking the Supreme Court to review the ruling itself.

Rick Kuykendall

Rick Kuykendall

Commentator Rick Kuykendall explains that BP was attempting to stop the claims process while BP applied for certiorari, something that is granted in less than one percent of the cases. The petition has not yet been filed, however. When a petition is finally filed, it will be considered by the entire court and not just by Justice Scalia, who is assigned to handle the Fifth Circuit. Kuykendall opines that BP faces an uphill battle in this “very extraordinary grant of discretionary review.” The Court does not have to take the case.

Should the Court take the case, Kuykendall suggests that Justice Scalia will not recuse himself from the consideration of the case should it proceed all the way to decision by the Court. The next docket will begin in October 2014.

Even if the Court grants certiorari, Kuykendall does not think that the claims process would be stopped.

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