Patient is Awarded $14 Million in Birth Control Case Against Yasmin, Featuring Bradley Cosgrove, Plaintiff Attorney, Chicago

A Chicago woman recovered almost $14 million in a case against Yasmin, a birth control drug, after suffering from a debilitating stroke.  In this case, it was not difficult to connect the medication (and the pharmaceutical company) to the injury. The stroke occurred 13 days after Mariola Zapalski received her first package of Yasmin, and from a timing standpoint, causation was crystal clear, says plaintiff’s attorney Bradley Cosgrove, with the Clifford Law Office in Chicago, Illinois.  The only thing that had changed in her life was the recent prescription of Yasmin 13 days prior to her life-changing stroke.

Zapalski was not a good candidate for Yasmin. She had various underlying risk factors for stroke that increased her risk of suffering a stroke in comparison to a person without these risk factors. As a result, Yasmin was an inappropriate drug for this patient, says Cosgrove.  She was over the age of 35, had a body mass index that categorized her as obese, had a history of smoking, and had a high cholesterol level. All of these factors, when combined together, synergistically increased her risk of stroke such that a progesterone-only hormone pill could have been presented to her and this result would not have occurred.

The patient's damages were very significant, and as a result of that, Cosgrove hired and retained 6 distinguished experts to demonstrate to the jury every aspect of the case from a medical standpoint. Although her life expectancy is good, she has permanent left-sided paralysis. She is wheelchair bound and requires 24-hour care. She has brain damage from the stroke, leaving her as a different person today than she was before being prescribed Yasmin.

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Bradley Cosgrove, a malpractice attorney, represented Zapalski in this case and is with the Clifford Law Office in Chicago, Illinois.  He spoke with the Legal Broadcast Network, providing online, on-demand, legal news video content.  The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.

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