Obama Allows Federal Contractor's Employees to Ask About Equal Pay, With Brad Bannon, Washington, D.C.

President Obama issued an executive order that federal contractors have to allow their employees to speak to each other and ask about how much money them make.  Right now, many companies have rules against this because if one employee learns another is making more than them for the same job, it can lead to some trouble for the company, says Brad Bannon, democratic political consultant with Bannon Communications Research in Wasington, D.C. 

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics compared men and women doing similar jobs and showed that women earn less, like physicians and real estate professionals.  So, even when working the same job, there still is a significant gap between pay of men and women and to Bannon, that doesn't seem fair.  Furthermore, fellow employees should be able to ask each other about their pay scale, he says.

Brad Bannon is President of Bannon Communications Research, a  Washington, D.C.-based political polling and consulting firm.  This video commentary was hosted by The Legal Broadcast Network, which provides on-demand legal content.  The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of the Sequence Media Group.

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