Gay Marriage in Limbo in Michigan, With Carl Tobias, Professor University of Richmond School of Law

Recently, a ruling in Michigan was made saying that a ban on same sex marriages was unconstitutional, so many same sex couples proceeded with getting married, only to have an appeal made by the state Attorney General, leaving those married in that window in a state of legal limbo.

There has been a temporary stay by the 6th circuit, which won't be hearing the appeal until Wednesday but some people were married before they issued that stay, says Carl Tobias, a Professor at the University of Richmond School of Law, in Richmond, Virginia.  The Attorney General said he would maintain the status quo, so at this point, he'd advise that t hose marriages  not be recognized at the state level.

Tobias believes it's not clear what will happen and that we may have to wait until all the appeals are over, which can be as late as June, 205.  If the Supreme Court hears the case, a good argument could be made that they were married legally, Tobias says.



Carl Tobias is a Professor at the University of Richmond School of Law in Richmond, Virginia.  For more information on him, click here.  He spoke with the Legal Broadcast Network, providing online, on-demand legal video content, and is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.

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