Immigration: What Will Obama Do, and When?

President Obama has said that he would act by executive order to deal with immigration issues. He appears poised to make his move. And he will certainly meet strong opposition from Republicans as well as a significant number of Americans, according to polls. There is sentiment that the President should wait for Congress to act.

The President’s orders could grant legal status to millions of migrants. He says he will act because House Republicans have refused to move on a new immigration bill. Both Republicans and Democrats agree on the need for some legislation on immigration. The ideas suggested include increased election security and establishing a clear path to citizenship for immigrants illegally in the country.

Citing the gridlock, the President has pledged to take action on his own before the new Congress convenes in January. While there is controversy over the President’s proposed action, there is plenty of precedent for his action by executive order. Former presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush both issued orders relating to immigration during their terms in office.

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