Ferguson, Missouri: Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

Civil rights groups, local Ferguson businesses, and many others are waiting for the results of the St. Louis County grand jury’s deliberations on the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer.

Brown was killed in August, 2014. The grand jury has been meeting for several months to decide whether police officer Darren Wilson. The grand jury has heard testimony from a host of witnesses, including the forensic pathologist hired by the family of Michael Brown to do a separate autopsy.

A particular concern of all concerned is that the grand jury will decide not to indict officer Wilson on any charge, a result that might precipitate another outbreak of violence much like what happened in August. Missouri governor Jay Nixon has said that the St. Louis County Police, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police, and the Missouri Highway Patrol will be charged with keeping the peace. Nixon has said that the National Guard could be called, if necessary.

Some Ferguson businesses have boarded up in anticipation of bad times, and gun sales have risen sharply. Stay tuned to the Legal Broadcast Network for future developments in this story.

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