Adrian Peterson Should Be Back in the Game: An Interview with Norm Pattis

Adrian Peterson has entered a plea of no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault, as previously reported on the Legal Broadcast Network. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell put Peterson on the Commissioner’s exempt list, allowing him to be paid but barring him from playing. The NFL Players Association has filed a grievance, and a reinstatement hearing for Peterson will be held November 17, according to reports.

Norm Pattis

Norm Pattis

Attorney Norman Pattis disagrees with the de facto suspension. Pattis believes that Peterson’s situation is akin to that of Ray Rice. Pattis thinks that “the NFL needs to stand down. We have criminal prosecutions.” Pattis suggests that the NFL does not need “to stand in as a surrogate for the politically correct and deprive these guys of the opportunity to play a game.”

Pattis opines that making the NFL police its players is a form of “moral double jeopardy.” This is the argument that Ray Rice is making in his case. Pattis believes that Rice is right and that the NFL’s action amounts to punishing people more than once for behavior that has already been punished by courts.

Pattis suggests that the NFL’s actions are being driven by the needs of consumers—football fans. He believes that it would be a mistake for the NFL’s leadership allow the opinions of those interested in only political correctness to govern how the league conducts its business.

Pattis is quick to point out that he is not in favor of domestic violence. “We have courts that can deal with that.” Pattis opposes child abuse but points out that Peterson went through the criminal process and a resolution has been reached in that case. Pattis suggests that the issues in the criminal cases involving Rice and Peterson have nothing to do with professional football.

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