Hotel Privacy, With Judge Eugene Hyman, Santa Clara, California

An LA court rules that an ordinance that requires hotel to divulge personal information about its guests is unconstitutional.  Retired Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman says that this really involves hotels that are less expensive is less-desirable areas of town and that most of these hotels would turn information over to the police even if there wasn't an ordinance.

Judge Hyman believes this isn't a deterrence and that if the drafters of the ordinance, the City Council, think that the fact that an ordinance is going to stop people from either drug trafficking or engaging in sex trades, it's not going to have that effect.  Even with the ordinance in place, the police might have a harder time going to higher end hotels, who wouldn't be happy about turning information over.

Judge Hyman doesn't believe this case would reach the Supreme Court, as their only interest is in resolving disputes among circuit courts around the U.S., not appellate courts.

Honorable Judge Eugene Hyman has received numerous awards and recognition for his work with families and children and has appeared on numerous television news shows. For more information, visit He is also a featured commentator on The Family Law Channel and The Legal Broadcast Network.  The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of the Sequence Media Group.

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