Jodi Arias Trial and Ariel Castro Case with Alison Triessl, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

In the Jodi Arias case, the prosecution very solidly argued that she essentially killed Travis three times, leading the jury to a guilty verdict, says Alison Triessl, Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles.

Triessl says that although there are only currently a few women on death row in Arizona, Arias may be headed there as well.  "The verdict speaks volumes on whether or not the jury believed there was any abuse because if there was any abuse, there would have been a different outcome than first degree murder," says Triessl.

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Alison Triessl


Regaring the Ariel Castro case in Ohio, Triessl says that Ohio laws do allow for the death penalty in this kind of case, involving miscarriages.  According to Triessl, if this is a case where he forced the miscarriages and it was involuntary on the part of the victims, the Ohio statutes do allow for an aggravated murder charge, which can potentially carry the death penalty.

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