Ohio Man Confesses to Drunk Driving Incident During Online Confesion, With Attorney Anjali Dooley, St. Louis

 An Ohio man makes an online confession about a drunk driving incident, in which a man was killed, receiving over 2 million YouTube hits.  While this man was very remorseful in his attempt to apologize through the online video, Anjali Dooley, a criminal defense attorney in St. Louis, with the Law Offices of Anjali Dooley, Inc., says that she would never advise a client to do such a thing because it "seals a conviction."

The man did receive a lesser sentence of 6.5 years and has lost his driver's license for life and Dooley believes that the only motivation to do more videos would be to get sympathy from the public by being remorseful.  She also believes that by doing the video, he lessened his jail time. 

Anjali Dooley   

Anjali Dooley


The case was fast-tracked and this man did get a plea deal quickly because of the online confession, Dooley says.  He also faces a civil case of wrongful death. 

Anjali Dooley is a criminal defense attorney in St. Louis with the Law Offices of Anjali Dooley, Inc.  She spoke with  The Legal Broadcast Network, providing online, on demand legal video content.

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