Wesley Snipes Turns 50 in Prison But Did He File a False Tax Return?

After the government failed to bring felony charges against actor Wesley Snipes, he was convicted of misdemeanor tax charges and just celebrated his 50th birthday while in prison.  Attorney Robert Wood, of Wood, LLP in San Francisco, says tax charges are taken very seriously and they don't prosecute unless there's strong evidence, which makes it difficult to beat these charges.  Wood says that from what he gathers from what others have said, Snipes may have been lead down the wrong path.Source: www.forbes.com  

It is possible that Snipes got some bad advice about whether his foreign income was to be counted and may have believed his advisors that he was doing everything right, says Wood.  He adds that there are some advisors out there promoting tax shelters and scams and while the IRS does the best it can to eliminate them, one needs to careful who they're listening to.  

For more information on Robert Wood's related Forbes.com article, click here.  Robert Wood is an attorney with Wood, LLP in San Francisco and a featured commentator on The Tax Law Channel, providing online, on demand tax law video content.

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