Roger Clemens in the Court of Public Opinion

Sports Illustrated legal analyst Professor Michael McCann of the Vermont School of Law believes it is difficult for the government to pervail in perjury cases where there's really only one eyewitness.  In the case of Roger Clemens, his trainer was the only eyewitness to him doing steroids and the defense was able to undermine his testimony by showing there were questions about his credibility and past decisions in his life.  His estranged wife also testified and contradicted him and all of this information was helpful in having Clemens prevails.

Source: www.manolith.comMichael McCann believes the mistake with Clemens was allowing him to have a congressional hearing vs. just allowing the sport to handle it.  He thinks this is in response to the hearings on the Mitchell Report, that baseball needs to clean up its sport.  Most people don't get a hearing before congress and McCann is questioning why Clemens was even able to testify.

McCann thinks that Clemens's Hall of Fame chances are pretty low.  Most baseball writers will continue to be skeptical of him, as he wasn't found not guilty of steroid use but rather not guilty of perjury charges related to steroid use.  In the court of public opinion, this will make it hard for him to get into the Hall of Fame.  McCann thinks the real issue is what is going to happen to all those athletes during the era where steroids were being used?  Let them all into the Hall of Fame?  Some in? 

Most recently, with Lance Armstrong, McCann thinks the most harm that has been done is to his reputation.  This matters a great deal to him and the doping charges alone are damaging to his reputation.  He is a well-liked figure in America, as he overcame cancer and because of his charitable work.

Professor Michael McCann is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of sports law, antitrust, and behavioral law and economics. In addition to being a legal analyst for Sports Illustrated, he is a featured commentator on The Legal Broadcast Network.  More information on Michael McCann can be found here.

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