Can Penn State Face Civil Action?

As many administrative personnel are culpable in covering up Jerry Sandusky's involvement in molesting boys at Penn State University, one has to wonder what responsibility the University has in all of this.  Michael Kraut, a criminal defense attorney of The Kraut Law Group in Los Angeles, California says that from a criminal standpoint, the University cannot be charged, just the individuals.

FBI Director Louis Freeh spoke of outrageous conduct from the very top of Penn State Unive rsity all thwww.espn.go.come way down to Jerry Sandusky in his report.  This opens up not only a criminal aspect to these individuals but now a civil one, as the University can be held liable civilly.

Mr. Kraut believes it is not appropriate to punish existing students by getting rid of the football program as these students had nothing to do with this situation, as they came years later and now have new coaches.  "I think you punish the University and those in charge," Mr. Kraut said.

He adds that there is an unlimited amount of money that can come out of this University, having one of the nation's largest endowments, so it is all fair game.  "The amount of money that is going to flow is going to be phenomenal."

Michael Kraut is a former prosecutor and worked for over 14 years as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, California prior to opening The Kraut Law Group.  He is also a featured commentator on The Legal Broadcast Network.

For information on the Freeh Report, click here.

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