Judge Eugene Hyman California Courts Ponder Juvenile Life Sentencing

California judges are tyring to be compliant with the Supreme Court decision that it is cruel and/or unusual punishment for a juvenile to receive a life sentence for a non-homicidal case in today's standard.  Eugene Hyman, retired Superior Court Judge of Santa Clara, California says that the California Supreme Court is trying to see if they can impose a life sentence for attempted homicide.Source: www.ellabakercenter.org

A sentence of 75 years is technically not a life sentence but in reality, it can be.  For a juvenile, 75 years is cruel and unusual punishment and in trying to determine if receiving 75 years for attempted homicide is cruel and unusual punishment for a juvenile, the California courts are not giving many clues as to how they'll decide, according to Judge Hyman.

Judge Hyman adds that the California courts are also looking at aggregate sentences, as juveniles can receive a life sentence for not one crime but multiple crimes, as a way to side-step the issue.

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