Questions regarding the BP Settlement? We have answers on what the BP Settlement means for you.

The announced settlement in Federal Court on the BP oil spill case has as usual created more questions for the claimants and gulf coast residents than it has answered.

Legal Broadcast Network will have an exclusive question and answer session with two of the most knowledgable attorneys involved in this case. Attorney Frederick "Rick" Kuykendall of Kuykendall & Associates of Fairhope, AL, and Attorney Wesley J. Farrell of the Miami, FL firm of Farrell and Patel.

We will be releasing the interview on our network and affiliated channels at 2 pm EST, March 5th and will cover questions such as:

  • What if you are a resident in the Gulf Coast who was impacted by the spill but you have yet to file a claim? How does the announced BP settlement impact your rights?
  • What if you have already recieved some partial payments from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility? What are your rights or options going forward.
  • What options in the BP Settlement take into consideration the potential for long term health issues or future claims for illness, injury or medical care needs due to pollution of the Gulf?
  • What will happen to claims that are being processed in the Gulf Coast Claims Facility but have yet to be finalized or settled? Do you need to start the process over or do you have other options?

In short, this interview with two leading lawyers who have been involved in the BP Gulf Coast litigation from it's outset will be of crucial value and interest to residents, businesses and others impacted by the Gulf oil spill and the possible rights to settle your claims.

Check back at Legal Broadcast Network after 2 pm EST on Monday the 5th and we will have the comprehensive interview ready for you to view and share with your friends at that time.

BP announces settlement of the first oil spill claims.

Your questions answered on the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill Settlement, what does it mean for you?

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