$7.8 BP Oil spill class action settlement approved. What is next for claimants?

In a special weekend edition of Speaking of Justice we are joined by nationally renowned class action and environmental attorney Frederick " Rick" Kuykendall to discuss at length the historic $7.8 Billion settlement of the BP Oil Spill claim. 

The importance of this decision, validating in large part the proposed settlement agreement entered into back on April 18th, 2012, is it begins to provide clarity and structure to what has been up to now a someone uncertain claims process for those impacted by this disaster.

This is a somewhat longer video interview than our standard short form conversations, but we wanted to cover key questions and issues such as:

Final settlement on BP Oil Spill? It just might be.

Final settlement on BP Oil Spill? It just might be.

  • What does this current decision do and how does it modify, if at all, any of the terms of the April 2012 settlement agreement between BP and the class of claimants. 
  • Does the BP Settlement actually improve on the prior GCCF ( Gulf Coast Claims Fund) and will BP claims be handled in a fair and expedient fashion?
  • What about claimants who opted out of the BP Settlement? Does this allow for or provide an option to opt back in?
  • What is the date for filing a claim and has that time to file a BP claim been extended?
  • How will legal fees in the Gulf Coast claim be handled?
  • Has the claims process been smooth and will BP live up to the spirit and intent of the agreement to allow claims to be processed quickly and fairly.

All of these items are covered in this special report on the BP Gulf Coast settlement and we expect to have Attorney Kuykendall back with us several times over the coming weeks and months as many of these details are worked out and revealed.  You can learn more about Attorney Kuykendall by going to his profile page here on The Legal Broadcast Network, where you will find his bio, information on his legal practice and professional contact information.

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