Lindsay Lohan's Problems Mount as IRS Seizes Her Assets, With Michael Kraut, Attorney With Kraut Law Group, Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan's recent bar brawl in New York is just the latest incident in a continuation of her problems.  As the police have found her at fault, she is now facing misdemeanor charges, which can put her in violation of her probation in Los Angeles.

Michael Kraut, attorney with The Kraut Law Group in Los Angeles, says the problem with the misdemeanor charge in New York is that it took place in a bar, as typically, for drug and alcohol cases, the terms of the probation stipulate staying out of places where the primary purpose is liquor sales, such as bars and nightclubs.  This may put her in violation of her probation in Los Angeles but if not, she has a new case for the car accident with Porsche and lying to the police, so she has prior probation violations.

On top of that, the IRS has just seized her assets, as a result of the $200,000 she owes in back taxes, after having earned $2 million this year.

Michael Kraut, The Kraut Law Group  Source:

Michael Kraut, The Kraut Law Group


According to Kraut, Los Angeles judges have various options on how to handle this.  Overcrowding in jails typically  means someone comes in and someone else is pushed out, especially with misdemeanors.  However, a judge can find her in violation on probation, put her in jail on that, offer no bail and put off her sentencing date for 5-6 months, during which time she can't be released.

If she only owes $200,000 but has a bank account holding $2 million, they may be able to sieze all of her assets, including residences, it until it's ironed out in the courts, and then dole it back to her except for the money that's owed, says Kraut.

Mr. Kraut opened the Kraut Law Group in order to assist those under investigation, or charged with an offense in Los Angeles, San Bernardino Riverside and Orange Counties.  He is also a featured legal commentator with the Legal Broadcast Network.

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