Boy Scout Abuse Litigation, With Christopher Hurley, of Hurley, McKenna & Mertz in Chicago

Christopher Hurley, attorney with Hurley, McKenna and Mertz in Chicago got involved in sexual abuse litigation through nursing homes, where victims surface at a rather alarming rate.  He found that pedophiles like to go to institutions where they know their victims will have a hard time fighting them off.



Hurley says most people remember when abuse allegations started with the clergy, a phenomenon which had led the church to protecting itself ahead of its victims.  Now, with the boy scouts, it continues with supposedly responsible adults, in positions of authority, who find out about these crimes and instinctively protect their institution.  "Their first instinct is to protect the institution, rather than help the child and this is an instinct that has to change," says Hurley.

There is an instinctive shame and fear that is experienced by the child, says Hurley, adding that the pedophile uses that to their advantage to make it difficult for the child to come forward.  Hurley finds that for the victims that do speak up, they feel better afterwards, while some victims find it more difficult to come forward.  At Hurley, McKenna and Mertz, names can be kept confidential should the victims prefer.

For more information, visit Hurley, McKenna and Mertz at  Christopher Hurley spoke with The Legal Broadcast Network during this interview, which provides online, on-demand legal video content.

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