Book "False Justice" Jim & Nancy Petro - Part 1

Authors Jim & Nancy Petro tell LBN about wrongful convictions and imprisonment that apparently have become all too common. The 8 myths discussed in this book will open your eyes to how easily someone can be wrongfully convicted and how things like eyewitness testimony and confessions can be totally unreliable.

False Justice will change the way you view American criminal justice.
And that's the point. What if you knew that a totally innocent man was serving a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit? What if you were the state's chief legal officer, but the prosecutor wouldn't even talk to you about the case? Or what if the prisoner were your son, brother, or father?
       And what if you discovered that terrible mistakes like this happen more frequently than ever imagined? In False Justice, former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro and his wife Nancy reveal their awakening to the frightening scope of wrongful criminal conviction.
       Yet, False Justice also offers a happy ending: We can do better. We can be safer. We can prevent our loved ones from being wrongfully convicted, and we can be more confident that the real criminals are apprehended. False Justice reveals how the criminal justice system really works, and why these myths are both dead wrong and highly destructive to finding true justice:

Myth 1: Everyone in prison claims innocence.
Myth 2: Our system almost never convicts an innocent person.
Myth 3: Only the guilty confess.
Myth 4: Wrongful conviction is the result of innocent human error.
Myth 5: An eyewitness is the best testimony.
Myth 6: Conviction errors get corrected on appeal.
Myth 7: It dishonors a victim to question a conviction.
Myth 8: If the justice system has problems, the pros will fix them.

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