How to Find a Sleep Physician to Work With

Suppose you are a dentist who has completed the sleep dentistry training to receive your Academic Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine and you have developed a business plan for your new sleep dentistry practice. Now, in order to complete the process, you need to connect with a sleep physician. Dr. Michael Krahe, founder of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, explains how to do it.

Making this connection may be one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to overcome. The ACSDD has developed a solution by partnering with a prominent sleep cardiologist who will introduce you to sleep physicians in your area. The process works this way: you provide the names of some sleep physicians in your area to the ACSDD. Then, the sleep cardiologist will make phone calls to these doctors, introducing himself and explaining that he is working with the ACSDD to prepare you to work as a sleep dentist.

This process gives you an opportunity to meet with a sleep physician and begin to build the relationship you will need.

Dr. Michael Krahe is the founder and Executive Director of The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines in Carefree, Arizona. He brings over 30 years of Human Resources and Strategic Planning experience to the ACSDD. As a retired Fortune 400 Executive for a large insurance carrier, his core competencies lie in creating and sustaining a customer service-based organization. 

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